Our liquid crystal-based polarization modulator technology is highly versatile and can be configured in multiple ways to suit diverse applications. It is based on the ability of liquid crystal variable retarders to control, modify and measure the polarization state of light, be it in an image or in a spot beam. As we continue to research and test new capabilities and developments, our products are finding new areas of application. Eye4Sky remains committed to offering new solutions that successfully cater to evolving market demands.


  • Solar magnetic field
  • Circumstellar structures detection
  • Environment of stars and other astronomical objects
  • Exoplanet detection
  • Biosignature detection
  • Planetary atmosphere and surface


  • Characterization of aerosol particles (size distribution, chemical composition, particle shape)
  • Water droplet size
  • Cloud detection
  • Properties of land and water surfaces
  • Vegetation health
  • Chlorophyl and other bio pigments
  • Remove undesired reflections from a water surface (i.e.: lake, sea)
  • Target detection


  • Quantum Key Distribution: Polarization tracking systems for prepare-and-measure protocols (i.e.: BB84 and B92) and entanglement protocols (i.e.: E91)


  • Polarization Modulators for high-performance coherent population trapping
  • Double Modulation Coherent Population Trapping (DM-CPT)